What is JAV?

JAV stands for Japanese Adult Video. We offer sources for you to download free JAV torrents, though we don’t host any ourselves. We also will put up torrents for hentai (adult animations) and hentai manga from time to time.


Why does the same video appear multiple times?

They are different versions, some are SD and have smaller file sizes for faster download, some are HD with better quality and larger files, and sometimes we add a new torrent with more seeds for faster download.

How can I support the site?

The best way to support the site is by mentioning it in relevant blogs, forums and sites. Recommend it to your friends who might be interested in JAV. Also, hosting the site does cost money, so bitcoin donations to 14tfgE1ehZPy6pJJrCJtCSL7LzHEUir9Hw are appreciated.

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